About Us

About Kenya

Daima (dai᛫ma), is how we say forever in Swahili. We founded driven by a vision:  to carry forward Kenya's rich heritage of unity, inspiration, poetry, and love.

We promote the enduring legacy of the people of Kenya. Home to more than fifty million people, the Big Five, world wonders, Kenya is a gemstone in the continent of Africa and our world's history. We are on a mission to carry this heritage forward, forever.

We pride ourselves in producing high-quality products that people will love and share. Just as those who have experienced Kenya crave to share their experiences with others, our vision is to make elements of the Kenyan culture that you will want to share with your friends and family.

By launching Daima to the world, we seek to create a hub for the "Best of Kenya" and inspire a community of people that love Kenya.